Why Sweets are essential to eccentrics


“Chocolate is a perfect food, as wholesome as it is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhausted power. It is the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits.”
Baron Justus von Liebig

Blissful Indulgence by dardenitaaa

My college friend Kristine has an extreme affinity for sweets and i told her it’s puzzling me how she never runs out of appetite for sugary stuff.  I really don’t get why she’d rather trade a hearty lunch of Thai Chicken Curry meal for only two bars of chocolate pies or choco chip cookies.

Like everybody else, I adored chocolate since i was a kid. Indeed, how could anyone resist something so universally addictive? But I realized that no matter how big my love for chocolate would be, I’m really no big fan of other forms of sweets. Cake is almost equally appetizing as chocolate, but i don’t crave it as bad.  I only yearn for Ice cream occasionally. And candies, man I don’t like candies at all.

So I guess I’m basically satisfied with the fact that chocolates are my favorite. It’s understandable, anyway. It’s cool how there are all sorts of trivias about it too. For instance,  It’s been psychologically proven that Men crave food that is high in fat and salt while women crave chocolates and food high in sugar content. I’m not really sure how this food preferences say something  about gender personality differences, but I find it very interesting. Also, scientific findings show that Chocolate stimulates the same reaction in the body as falling in love from a natural substance that is in chocolate by the name of phenylethylamine. Apparently, this explains why chocolates are one of the all-time classics on valentine gifts. It’s amazing how our food intakes affects our system in many ways we’re not even aware of.

But oh well. I’m not really that sensitive to food trivias as well. I just find it amusing at the moment how our cravings often stimulates our body desires and thoughts. Mom brought home a box of brownies last night ( See picture above) and though I’m not particularly big on sugary products like I initially mentioned, just seeing it makes you wanna crave it already. And i guess, when life is this good and everything else is mostly stress-free, i can somehow say i partially understamd why enjoying sweets can be extremely blissful, like what my friend Kristine believes.


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