Old-school maladies


Old School Maladies by dardenitaaa.

February has been yet another whirlwind that my enthusiastic return to blogging honestly waned down a little. I know i already sound like a  broken record to be reiterating such an absolute truth, but I’m saying  it anyway, just because. School work is most often than not unhealthy in so many justifiable ways. I understand the discipline being honed and all, but seriously, something about the intensity of my school workload makes me want to scream bloody murder. The readings make me feel like a  law school student being led on the way to the slaughterhouse that was the Bar exams,  and on our case, it’s the foreign exams service after college.

I don’t want to whine too much, but i don’t want to die of cancer either. So i’m just letting things out, with hopes of inhaling cooler air once i get to breathe in.

Oh don’t you just love ranting?


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