There’s really nothing new with CHANGES. And yet.


There are times I so easily suscribe to that old cliché of arbitrary changes.

Like in planning or setting a goal for something, most people always align their acts on dates and seasons. Beginnings, as if dictated by some old, unspoken tradition, should always be logically on schedule. We don’t make such long lists of resolutions during the New Year for nothing, don’t we? And yes, the start of 2011 is one of those times where I feel like turning over a new leaf, so to speak,—at least for this blog.

So, although I am still not that confident in absolutely ditching my procrastinator self, or even the occasional nature of this blog, I‘d like to give it a chance: ASSORTED PAPERJAMS will be taking over a revamp of some sorts. I’d like to put things up a notch higher, especially on the frequency department.

Here’s a brief rundown of things I wanna explore this year, hopefully.


Madhouse Poetry
I’m a poet, so this one’s not much of a surprise, I guess. People always wonder why I don’t put up my stuff on the net, and frequently, I get this feeling that they are presuming I’m too lazy to write anything besides the stuff I do for the college paper and the annual literary folios. Actually, I drag myself to write everyday, for self disciplinary measures. Writers need that. So in as much as I am proud of them, I’m just as equally protective of them, too. I think that unless you’ve experienced being plagiarized, you won’t really get the feeling of being afraid to get your words out there, especially on a virtually unlimited jungle like the cyberspace where wild wordstealers abound. Not that I’m bragging my works are that theft-worthy, (I suck sometimes too) I’m just being cautious of the dangers of it, is all. So yeah, expect daily posts of random poetry snippets ranging from all things mundane to monumental ones.

The Loop Playlist
Music is something no one in the world can get rid of, I know. Hey, I’m no Mozart or Morrisey, but I love songs just like everyone else. Besides, I’m all ears to all genres and constantly on the lookout for promising music artists and underrated songs that need more lovin’. Nevertheless, I don’t easily dismiss overplayed pop songs on the charts. I’m a believer that good songs, sell-out or not, deserve recognition and a replay, of course. Tune in to my blog for my ten songs of the week, and let me know yours too. Let’s swap mixtapes like the good old days! :p

Shelves on Fire
Oh Books, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. This is probably one of the features I am most excited about, because as everyone inside my innermost circles knows, I’m one of the biggest bookworms alive. Seriously, I am so willing to starve for books and would probably give anything to live inside my own library. Dorky fantasies aside though, I am itching to profess my undying love for reading, just so I could share those books I held soft spots for, in my heart of hearts. I am open to book suggestions too, so feel free to give me a heads-up on what’s kickin ass in the literary realm and I will love you forever.

The Couch Potato Critiques
I will be lying if I don’t admit that love for film isn’t one of the lifelines of my friendship with my two girlfriends. We spend embarrasing number of hours lounging in front of the screens watching and getting wasted on movies. We had this private joke that the two things we love the most in the world are ‘watching movies’ and ‘talking about watching movies’. You get the picture. Think cinema addiction and infinite ennui and you’ll get an overdose of film diversity and tons of fun. This feature is inspired by them and dedicated to them, since majority of my best picture list are their recommendations. Who knows, I might invite them over for a guest write-up? There’s nothing like those moments when cinematography, story, good direction and skin-crawling acting mash up to make a good movie experience. Same thing goes for those movies which suck so bad, they should come with a warning label on them. I’m psyched to share those movies and my perspective, not as a hardcore film critic know-it-all, but simply as someone who respects how movies change our lives more than we will ever know.

Wow, scrolling back to what I just wrote up there makes me want to bang my head a bit on the wall. Am I this ambitious? Perhaps, perhaps not. There’s no harm in getting things a wee bit more organized though. It’s scary but all the more thrilling to wait and see if I could deliver what I just promised. Changes, are after all supposed to make you feel like that.

Anyway, here’s hoping you’ll drop by my blog next time around.

Happy 2011.

Narcoleptic Poet


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