Straight Jacket


I was in the midst of tidying my bookshelves a few days ago, when I found my seemingly-forgotten pile of literary folios from yester-years. I leafed through the dust-caked pages and scanned through my earlier works, (I became a literary writer for the College paper when I was 16.) with mixed, fluttery emotions surging involuntarily—the jittery embarrassment of recognizing how amateur I have been during my days on the verge of practicing my voice as a poet, and of that serene sense of relief and okayfine, a tinge of accomplishment, upon having realized how much I’ve grown from that silly scribble of thought. Excuse me for a moment while I face-palm. Ah, well: All of us were once beginners, aren’t we?

This is Straightjacket, one of the five poems I wrote which found their way eventually published on the XI Volume of Shades of Gray, Evoking Imagination. Art Illustration by Ingrid Tan.

Straightjacket by D.Av


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