I rob Libraries, not banks


The Loot by Dardenitaaa

Ah, happiness. It feels like I just married a new car and bought myself a new boyfriend. What? I apparently still fail at my metaphors. (Pardon the extreme gushiness that overflows from the prelude of this post, but I just feel so awesome right now I’m afraid I’m on edge of exploding.) A few days ago I finally saved up on extra moolah for another bookstore spree. Being out of college for months now and penniless at that makes this no easy a feat. It also took me longer than the usual to finish all of my previous finds, too. (Swimming through my pile of to-be-read books, though unfailingly stimulating, is time-exhausting just as well.) Then again, it’s an open fact that I do very much willingly starve for books . And after all, we bibliophiles really go hard, don’t we?

I now present to you the loot: 8 intriguing books (2 Thrillers, 4 novels, 1 Autobiographical Memoir and 1 Short Stories Collection) all dolled up with catchy book design covers (always a plus!) and power-packed with praises sung by respected book reviewers—all for only 730.00 php! I am such a cheapskate, yes. Edit: A very dorky, book-savvy cheapskate. Read on and check out my finds! 

By George by Wesley Stace 45.00php


Happy Birthday or Whatever by Annie Choi 75.00php

Come to Me by Amy Bloom 75.00php

Local Girls by Alice Hoffman 75.00php

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn 115.00php

Book of Dahlia by Elisa Albert 115.00php

Love Walked in by Marisa De los Santos 115.00php

Generation Loss by Elizabeth Hand 115.00


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