I am what I bleed (this is a non-emo post )


Obligatory photo of my sickly, bed-ridden self

Fact: We all have our own quirks; I do, and let me be honest here—I have quirks by the tons. It just so happened that some of it has a lot to do with 1.) My hopeless, star-crossed love for cultures and 2.) My hardcore fascination with the occasional overlapping of science and superstition. So I hope you won’t render me shallow when I tell you how much of a mystery it has been for me to live for 20 years without knowing what my freaking blood type is. See, I’m on a phase, really—I’ve gone from Latin America Languages infatuation to European History Geekhood. And for the latter year, I’ve been obsessing about East Asian culture quirks.

For the countries of Japan and Korea, Blood types rank alongside universal socio-cultural factors such as people’s personality, societal statuses, psychological traits and even health diets. Heck, it’s a compatibility meter that channels the same cheesiness of Astrological Signs, here in the Philippine context.

But Gaaaah, was I madly frustrated that I never had the chance to know what my blood type is, and neither of my parents could remember! But hey, guess what? Today I finally did. 

It was a very, very random story. Well okay, not exactly. I’ve been sick and shivering for almost a week now; I have the complete package, really: On and off fever, sore throat, runny nose, cough and the requisite headache. Hello Philippine weather, I’m looking at you.

So anyway, mom finally brought me on a trip to the clinic—where I got told by the doctor that I do have Acute Bronchitis, of all things. I guess mom was feeling a little sorry for me because while she’s on her way signing up for a random blood sugar test, she right away gave me a yes when I told her, “Mommy, pwede ako magpa-blood type?” out of nowhere.

To make the long story short, it only took me 200 php and an hour to solve a mystery that has been haunting me for years. Cue drum roll please.


I know how it’ll sound so shallow and insane to say that the blood type result made me happy and giddy—I have bronchitis, cheesecakes!—but looking back, I think I have always known or felt or wished that I am a Blood Type B. I don’t even know why it’s a big deal for me—I’ve never been a big fan of horoscopes, mind you—but then again, it all comes down to the relative lunacy of our individual quirks.

Sure, I might be on a phase, but I’m just, you know, glad to learn a little more about myself today; something I really rarely intend to do; something that doesn’t always happen.

What makes us shallow or what makes us profound—both of these things make us interesting, different and one-of-a-kind.


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