Hello from Bummer Land and other Post Grad blahs


This just got legit: I graduated from College, finally.
July 2, 2011
AB Consular and Diplomatic Affairs

  • I almost didn’t make it to the processional march. I didn’t know I could still surprise myself like this. Apparently, I have long ago resigned to my reputation as a procrastinator. But wow, to still be running late at my own Graduation? This is new level, hey.
  • There’s no good scare like Graduation. Ah, the formality of it all still makes me cringe; like so much is being expected of me, like how every part of the program resonates about making a difference, and I was sitting there, just a face in a crowd of roughly a thousand novices in life. And I’m supposed to feel big and victorious, but I’m feeling rater small, rather insignificant.
  • For the nth time, I have to listen to speeches about how the ¬†word ‘Commencement’ actually means a beginning and how supposedly ironic it is how we all think of Graduations as an ending. I still do.
  • I saw old friends and new ones, and it’s just so sad to realize how this might be the last time I will be seeing them. Who knows? But I was happy. Happy that I was not forgotten, or at least will never be, for now.
  • I am grateful, despite the initial depression of it all. I love how I finally made it to the academic finish line and onto a brand new clean slate. It’s scary but it’s wonderful and breathtaking. My alma mater gave me such wonderful memories, the best education, and unforgettable peers.
  • Brother President told me, “Den, Congratulations.” when he handed me the diploma onstage, as if we were close buddies. (Whoever told him that was my nickname?)
  • The famous terror professor in our Department and the Consular and Diplomatic Affairs Chairperson both shook my hand after my turn on the stage. I was supposed to be going back to my seat when they called out my name and gave me congratulatory remarks. I felt special. I will always be thankful to be from classes under their teaching and would always be proud that I got recognition from them.
  • Gusto ko sana maging Cum Laude, but I realized there are better things than awards: Like how my parents are still proud of me regardless, and how at the end of the day, what matters most would still be that invisible, loving hand of God, tapping you in the back and whispering “Anak, you did well.”

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