Look, Happiness is making a comeback


Mixtape: July 1-15.2011

Time is such a cheater. I just woke up a few days ago, flabbergasted at the reality of my own swift life; Christmasy thoughts are still fresh to me and whoah, we’re halfway through the year already? It’s funny what we forget. Most days drag by, but in retrospect, I think it’s mostly the other way around: moments fly and so much of our prayers have a lot to do with begging time to go on a standstill.

These days I feel like dancing. And I know, I know, how cliché of me. Warm July gives me good vibes, and I really like what’s happening lately. Sure, I’m still struggling to keep my social life in balance, but it gets better. I believe it will get better. Here’s some of the songs keeping me hopeful and, on a grateful note, happy.

And yeah, that’s a picture of my mom eating ice cream on a beach shore. She’s the cutest. 

10. Save me San Francisco, Train

I drove into Seattle rain, fell in love then missed the train
That could have took me right back home to you

I’ve been high, I’ve been low
I’ve been yes and I’ve been oh, hell no
I’ve been rock ‘n’ roll and disco
Won’t you save me San Francisco?

Every day so caffeinated, I wish they were Golden Gated
Fillmore couldn’t feel more miles away
So wrap me up return to sender, let’s forget this five year bender
Take me to my city by the bay

09. The people who grinned themselves to death, HouseMartins

The people who grinned themselves to death
Smiled so much they failed to take a breath
And even when their kids were starving
They all thought the queen was charming

08. Whirlpool Heart, Wild Swans

Once, I thought the world was blue.
Now it’s raining colors,
A paralyzing hue.

I am never grieving
The wicked things we’ve done.
Let’s walk into the whirlpool’s heart,
And die while we’re still young.

07. Sparks, Coldplay

Did I drive you away?
I know what you’ll say.
You’ll say, “Oh, sing one we know”
But I promise you this,
I’ll always look out for you.
That’s what I’ll do.

My heart is yours.
It’s you that I hold on to.
That’s what I’ll do.

06. Autosuggestion, Joy Division

Pure frustration face to face
A point of view creates more waves,
So take a chance and step outside.

Take a chance and step outside.
Lose some sleep and say you tried.
Meet frustration face to face.
A point of view creates more waves.

05. Wordplay, Jason Mraz

Well I built a bridge across the stream of consciousness
That always seems to be a flowin’
But I don’t know which way my brain is goin’
Oh the rhymin’ and the timin’
Keeps the melodies inside me
And they’re climbin’
‘Till I’m running out of air
Are you prepared to take a dive into the deep end of my head
Are you listening to a single word I’ve said?

04. I against Osbourne, Dead Milkmen

I do not sleep I spend my nights worrying of satellites
They put an eye into the sky and did not tell the people why
I do not sleep I spend my nights worrying about satellites

My neighbours are not the folks they appear to be
They’ve been replaced by the agency
I try to get to sleep but it’s no good
My coffee does not taste the way it should

03. Back and Forth, Operator Please

You keep on saying it’s my fault
But I’ve been runnin back and forth
Hiding the keys to your vault
I’ll have you running back and forth
Back and Forth

Give it up for all the times that I thought
I’m in luck from banging on this hollow door
Give it up for all the times that I’ve drawn short
I know oh I know

02. The last, last one, The Weakerthans

You always stole all my last words.
Here’s no exception then,
one more for me to send.
And nothing happens in the end.

I’m thinking of you less, more concerned…
and more is less, I guess it doesn’t matter now.
Maybe we’ll never go insane.
You always said we would,
Sometimes I wished we could,
with you lying naked in the rain

01. This Time, Jonathan Rhys Mayers

Tonight the sky above
Reminds me of you, love
Walking through wintertime
Where the stars all shine
The angel on the stairs
Will tell you I was there
Under the front porch light
On a mystery night

I’ve been sitting watching life pass from the sidelines
Been waiting for a dream to seep in through my blinds
I wondered what might happen if I left this all behind
Would the wind be at my back?
Could I get you off my mind?
This time

The neon lights in bars
And headlights from the cars
Have started a symphony
Inside of me
The things I left behind
Have melted in my mind
And now there’s a purity
Inside of me


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