My next nine to Neverland


Forget the voluntary pre-starvation and the post-bliss brokenness; It’s amazing how ironic it feels—I feel the richest when I hoard books until my wallet whimpers a little. It’s a ripe season for sales over at the malls this week and geez ain’t that so perfect that I just recently finished all of the eight books I scavenged on my second haul? They’re all great reads, by the way, and I’ll be blogging about them real soon. This time around, for only Php 495.00, I managed to bring home the next nine books which will keep me awake for the wee hours of the evenings to come.

The mix is eccentric yet very pretty; I’ve got a seemingly-feminist fiction on Contemporary African women; an artsy, Victorian-centered, gothic thriller; a sexy post-modern love story; a melodramatic coming-of-age crime novel; a self-deprecatingly funny memoir; a juvenile autobiography on adolescent writer woes; a rock and roll fairytale; a short story collection featuring novelettes inspired by songs; a poetry folio by a Pulitzer-prize winning poetess.

Come browse through my loot and see why despite the rest of the world’s influx at dress boutiques, department stores and flashy restos, I’d still rather be in one of the most serene and meaningful places in the world—book shops. 

Breathing Room by Patricia Elam

Php 45.00

Sleep Pale Sister by Joanne Harris

Php 45.00

Cake by Sandra Newman

Php 45.00

A Northern Light by Jennifer Donelly

Php 75.00

Trainwreck by Jeff Nichols

Php 75.00

Everything I’m cracked up to be by Jen Trynin

Php 75.00

First French Kiss and other Traumas by Adam Bagdasarian

Php 45.00

Lit Riffs:  Writers “cover” songs they love

Php 45.00

Red Bird: Poetry by Mary Oliver

Php 45.00


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  1. I also feel like the richest when shopping for books. When I was still working somewhere in Eastwood City, I used to to visit Fully Booked every night before going to our office.

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