My random mom and her sometimes-odd whims


Some days being a good daughter feels more of a duty, to be honest. Some days, being a good daughter has its little perks.

Yesterday, I reluctantly went shopping with Mom. Okay, not exactly shopping, I guess it’s more of purchasing office supplies for her newest business venture. We obligingly ran a couple of bank errands and then I tagged along with her while she endlessly searched and scavenged for colored parchment papers, computer inks, blank DVDs etc. After four languid hours, I grew tired and impatient. I always do; I’m never fit for long hours of shopping/strolling around. Oh, and my mom knows my temper well. It’s fascinating how she knows exactly what could cheer me up. She took me to dinner and we stopped by a nearby bookstore where she fiddled around the stacks and shelves for a few minutes then bought me this, out of randomness and impulse: The last days of dead Celebrities by Mitchell Fink for Php 749.00

I don’t know if this implies anything, but I’m happily, albeit strangely intrigued, anyhow.

Mom has always been buying me all sorts of books ever since I was a toddler. She fed, if not encouraged, my insatiable love affair with books. And I loved her for that.

Thanks Mommy!


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