In Memoriam of a Nationwide Heartache


I know I’ve been gone for a long while, so I’m making up for the unexpected hiatus by posting up my very first poetry podcast, of which I am featuring one of the poems dearest to my heart.

Exactly a year and a day ago, I remember myself watching the Quirino Grandstand Hostage Taking through the evening news, and crying afterwards. It happened around the height of my academic growth, wherein I was taking classes about Comparative Government and Philippine Public Administration; a time where I have fully embraced the socio-cultural commitments of my chosen career path. And then, the horror happened.

Anyway, that same evening, I stayed up all night and wrote this poem which I eventually recorded days later. It’s very long because I was so caught up with my emotions then–hence, this lovechild of misery, frustration and an outburst of love and hurting–for my country.

I entitled it, “At natutunan kong mahal pa rin kita”, because it pretty much sums up everything I feel towards my motherland. It’s a poem set in my mother tongue, of course; even though it’s not the language I am most comfortable to write in. Pardon the sucky editing, though. And the hoarseness of my sad voice. Oh, and that’s the Piano version of Adele’s ‘Hometown Glory’ set in the background, by the way, because it’s so appropriate and beautiful.

Note: Best listened to with your eyes closed! Hee. ♥



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  2. You never fail to amaze me, Darden. Minus the hush-hush of the recording (I believe due to the closeness of the mic to your mouth), I loooooove this piece. The words, the length, the poetic elements, the voice, the emotion, the sadness. Now that’s almost 5 minutes, but the video is 12 minutes? Oh… empty…

    (Just a note. I feel very uncomfortable with your use of the word “bitawan”, when it should be “bitiwan”.)

    Keep it up. Looking forward to more poems, spoken or written.

    • Wow, thanks! Your critique is so much appreciated. (I already re-edited the length of it. Hehe.) I am grateful to know that someone listened throughout the whole thing and didn’t get bored at least. Hehe. Everything’s noted! Looking forward to more of your poems too. 🙂

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