Goin’ Gastronomic


Yes there you have it: My very first attempt at food blogging and failing at it.

Being a full-time procrastinator-extraordinaire means that I always have a lot of catching up to do, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I need to disclose everything that’s going on in my life so far because 1.) My real life is not that interesting 2.) I’m too lazy to talk about it 3.) When I’m not too lazy to talk about it, I tend to talk too much 4.) I’d like to keep the pretense that there are still stuff happening behind-the-scenes to keep up with the theme of my faux coolness. Yes, you and I both, let’s be cohesive. So.

See, i’ve been busy…with food. Although, who am I kidding, I’ve always been busy with food anyway, so what’s news? I don’t know. I’ve always loved dining out since I’m a firm believer that food is one of the most valid luxuries in life we should splurge on, but I guess it’s really a lot better when you’re already earning some cold cash for yourself. Somehow, spending for these extravagances seem legitimate and worth it. Yes folks, nothing more rewarding than a full satisfying meal at the end of a long stressful day at work. Ewww, I know how much of an office girl I already sound by now, but indulge me. Anyway, enough of the appetizer prelude and on with the main course already. (Cheesy food metaphor successfully inserted.) 

The collage of food pictures I collected above is a good visual map of my appetite. You’ll notice that I am very much a sucker for Asian Cuisine and very much in love with how mouth-watering they are even just by looking at them. Sure, Bonchon and Mr. Kimbob may have been initially influenced by my fanatical love for all things Korean, but I cannot seem to get enough of them so I keep coming back for more. I’ve also had a phase of craving for bento boxes, so to get my fix of Japanese Cuisine, I tried dining at Teriyaki Boy and Red Kimono to see the difference.

And then there goes my undying love for Italian dishes. Pizza and Pasta are classic staples of comfort food, I know. And yet, something about each of the restaurants I’ve been to somehow gives a different vibe and taste to an otherwise generic food genre. I recently tried eating at the newly-opened Bigoli restaurant at the nearby mall, and although they’re not as good as say, Sbarro, which wins in terms of taste, I appreciate the fact that they have meal sets and combos that lets you enjoy pizza, pasta, chicken and salad in one price. On the other hand, I tried California Pizza Kitchen at the Shang and got completely mesmerized by the store ambience. Plus raspberry iced tea won me over.

Seafood Specialties will never be out of my food list. These kind of cuisine is, I believe, always the best ones to share when dining out with the family. We went out one late Sunday night, driving around the metro looking for a good place to eat, and we chanced upon Seafood Island, with its brightly-lit and eye-catching store interior. And much to our delight, we discovered their boodle feasts variety, of which we chose Palawan Shores. The presentation will have you salivating!

Ah, I love food, although I’m still half uncertain about whether I will still continue to blog about them from time to time. Perhaps I would. Here’s to more great gastronomic adventures! ❤


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