Basically, she sucks at self-introductions and preludes.

So she makes up for it by posting cropped pictures of herself and writing in third person.

She still fails.

She massacres monotony for fun and survival.
Weekend nights, she takes lunatic attempts to poetry.
Weekdays, she basks around in blissful boring world routines.
She’s been taught that listening is most often what everybody needs–

so she tries.

She will read any book but will only love a few.
She will continuously be fixated in finding beauty at the oddities:
like learning cultures and speaking languages.

She likes to sleep.

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  1. Hi– thanks for your lovely guestbook signature! You know, I’d be happy to send you a book. It may take a few weeks as I’m slow with mailings, but send your address along and I’ll send you a copy of the British version. Who knows if you’ll like it, but I respect your quest for paper books– all best, Aimee Bender

    • Getting by just fine, thanks. And yourself? Have you been reading Catcher in the Rye recently? It changed my life at fourteen. Hope you’ll enjoy Holden Caulfield’s mind. 🙂

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