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Surviving the cruel word since 1990: A Birthday post


I only post pictures of myself like once a year, so indulge me, okay? Haha.


2012, for the most part, has been a half ho-hum, half-sad year so far, and I know we all still have three more months ahead of us for me to throw this judgment too early in the game, but whatever. Not a great way to begin a birthday blog post, I know, but you get the drift. I looked forward to this too, you know. Yet somehow, a few days before the tenth, I found myself in an extraordinary state of pensive self-reflection, and I was so sad-bordering-on-mad depressed about everything in my life so far. I was so discouraged about this gnawing sense of self-pity, this apparent lack of accomplishment, this habit of failing everyone’s expectations notwithstanding my own. I was all of a sudden too tired of everything, so dissatisfied and sensitive about every little darn thing. It’s like an unwanted invitation back to puberty; I was so moody and sullen and introspective—and I knew exactly why.

Because I know I could do so much better than this, could have had more than this. And it kills me, you know. It hurts so bad that I almost despised my upcoming 22nd birthday. And then it happened. Nothing like the love of God and the love of people around you to bring you to your knees again, back to gratefulness and the overwhelming blanket of grace, of mercy, of a lot of things that still makes our miserable lives bearable, and in so many ways worth it.  Read the rest of this entry


Goin’ Gastronomic


Yes there you have it: My very first attempt at food blogging and failing at it.

Being a full-time procrastinator-extraordinaire means that I always have a lot of catching up to do, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I need to disclose everything that’s going on in my life so far because 1.) My real life is not that interesting 2.) I’m too lazy to talk about it 3.) When I’m not too lazy to talk about it, I tend to talk too much 4.) I’d like to keep the pretense that there are still stuff happening behind-the-scenes to keep up with the theme of my faux coolness. Yes, you and I both, let’s be cohesive. So.

See, i’ve been busy…with food. Although, who am I kidding, I’ve always been busy with food anyway, so what’s news? I don’t know. I’ve always loved dining out since I’m a firm believer that food is one of the most valid luxuries in life we should splurge on, but I guess it’s really a lot better when you’re already earning some cold cash for yourself. Somehow, spending for these extravagances seem legitimate and worth it. Yes folks, nothing more rewarding than a full satisfying meal at the end of a long stressful day at work. Ewww, I know how much of an office girl I already sound by now, but indulge me. Anyway, enough of the appetizer prelude and on with the main course already. (Cheesy food metaphor successfully inserted.)  Read the rest of this entry

The Classics make a Comeback!


I’ve been reading for as long as I could remember, but strangely enough, I didn’t really grow up reading the classics when I was a kid. For most bookworms (especially those who are blessed to be raised in a home environment where reading is strongly encouraged), fairy tales, adventure books and classics are always their babysteps to the inevitable, bibliophilic path of geekhood. Me? I am the eldest among four children, raised by parents whose idea of pampering is showering you with thicker-than-life encyclopedias and bible stories serialized in Sunday-school-ish comics. My chef dad reads nothing but recipe and gourmet books while my mom is a hardcore hoarder of inspirational and self-empowerment literature. Yeah, I grew up with these things, and maybe the occasional pocketbook romances from my yayas that I secretly read when they’re not looking after me and my siblings.

I was in my third grade in elementary when I saw this injustice: students my age could only care less about their text books, while I, who was deprived of my own textbooks at that time, can only borrow from my classmates whenever there’s a chance. And boy, they just let me borrow these books like it’s not even worth a penny. So I read and read and read and read some more. I was inexplicably hungry for words and stories, so I make do with what is around me. I remember skipping lunches just to linger in the library; I remember reading biographies soaked to the core with highfalutin words about famous people I don’t even know. I remember reading petty doodles and vandalisms on school chairs and bathroom doors, I remember staying awake during car trips just so I could read road signs and traffic posts and banners and billboards and sidewalk scrawls. I’m not ashamed to admit that even in my late teens, I still beg my baby brother who’s in grade school to lend me his textbooks in Filipino and English because those books are rich with stories and brings back so many memories of my early days as a reader. And finally before I officially entered high school: me, chancing upon a book of poetry, stunned by the loveliness and genius of rhymes, metaphors. I was weeping because I know that the love of reading will be with me forever.

So anyway: ‘tis the season for sales again at the malls, and, well, I’ve got a job that can somehow shoulder my insanity for books. So. I ended up buying twelve brand-new gorgeous titles, all of which I’ve been dreaming of owning for as long as I could remember. They’re all now sitting beautifully on my shelf, still wrapped in glorious, shiny plastic, inanimately awaiting me. And yes, there is a reason for that dramatic prelude for this post. Like I’ve said, I only knew of classics through word of mouth and media adaptations, but I never really got around reading them in paper. Oh well, I guess most of us really started with Disney, so I’m not really alone in this particular statistic. So I figured, hey, my wallet can back me up on this, this must be the chance! And just look at these colorful, artsy covers! Irresistible, irresistible.

I can’t wait to dive towards these pages and catch up on what I missed when I was a kid. These days, after all, are the days that I need these stories the most–no I don’t need happy ever-afters; I need my kid-self who believed in them regardless of the impossibilities, my kid-self who hopes, my kid-self who sees magic in every day, my kid-self who dreams.

Ambition: Androgyny


Yes, I know it’s creepy, beyond delusional, extremely preposterous and what-on-earth-was-I-thinking insane. But indulge me, ok? Haha. 

So last October 26, a few days after I resigned from work, I decided on cutting my hair too. I think I mentioned in my previous posts that the last time I had an extreme haircut was back in January of 2008, making it more than three years ago since I did something equally drastic.

Anyway, this previous stunt I pulled wasn’t something I did out of a whim or anything. (My mom is a little scared about it at first, and I’m not quite sure how dad will react once he arrives this December.) It’s actually been part of my odd list of dreams for quite some time already. As expected though, my friends became hysterical when I posted a photo on facebook. And let me quote myself here: Yes, one of my quirky ambitions is to become gwapo. (Surprisingly, I looked decent as a guy, I guess, since I’ve gotten a couple of compliments saying so.) It’s overwhelming and flattering to be androgynous, I must say.

It has its perks and downsides though. Of course, getting rid of the hassle brought by long hair is already a given, but having a hair this short has really been a liberating experience. I don’t mind the weather as much anymore, so it’s no big deal if it’s extremely hot outside. I also don’t have to scavenge the house for my missing ponytails since it’s no longer necessary. Plus, I can dress shabbily to my heart’s content. Lol. (Having long curly hair like before somehow imposes a girly, straight-laced demeanour that I always have to be properly dressed everywhere.) However, disadvantages are inevitable, of course. To my horror, I’ve been invited to three weddings recently, and you can probably picture me struggling over having boy-hair and being a bridesmaid. Yeah, it’s so hard and embarrassingly awkward that I won’t go to further details. What’s even worse, there has been a couple of incidents where friends of my closest girl friends mistake me for being their boyfriend, whenever I post on their facebook walls! My ambiguous name doesn’t help, either. Hahaha.

And well, sometimes, I just go melodramatic whenever I see girls that have the same hairstyle I had back then. It’s nostalgia kicking in, I guess. Or maybe I just frequently miss my hair a lot. Everything’s good though. I really enjoy how I look right now, and I’d like to view it as a symbolic turning over of a new leaf in my life chapter. It’ll probably be a long time before it grows back, but for now I’ll just have fun being androgynous, because, you know, I just love adventure that much.

Dear Santa I’ve been good wishlist


So on the very day of the deadline, I stumbled upon Prinsesa Musang’s Virtual Exchange Gift idea and I thought it was awesome and how come I’ve only heard about this now and blah blah blah. Anyway, I wanted to give it a try since it’s my first Christmas as a blogger so I want to make it a wee bit more meaningful than the others. So here’s my wishlist. And yes, dear Santa, I’ve been really really good this year.

  • Something small: A Bob Ong paperback, preferably ‘Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan‘ (Dahil alam kong late na ako sa uso, but it’s never too late for a BO Book.)
  • Something big: A Hunger Games Trilogy Set (Dahil late talaga ako sa uso. At ayokong panoorin ang movie hangga’t di ko to nababasa. Sabi nga, Don’t judge a book by its movie.)
  • Something cute: A headband with fancy prints or ribbons! (Dahil after three years, ngayon lang ulit ako nagpagupit ng extreme at dumadalas akong masabihan ng gwapo at kailangan ko na ulit magmukhang babae.)
  • Something soft: A big bag of Marshmallows. (Dahil sa pasko, bawal ang diet.)
  • Something techie: DSLR. lol. (Dahil ambisyosa ako.)
  • Something fancy: Pretty boxes from Papemelroti for book storage space. (Dahil kawawa naman ang mga patong-patong kong libro.)
  • Something (Orange): Orange Lipstick from Etude House! (See: Something cute.)
  • Something wearable: Black pair of underwear. (Dahil isa sa mga kaweirduhan ko ang hindi pagsusuot ng underwear na hindi itim, okay?)
  • Something you need: Money. Lots of it. Or Boyfriend. Lots of it too. Lol. (Dahil mukha akong pera at wala akong trabaho ngayon.)
  • Something you can use for work: A purple Wallet (Dahil kailangan ko ng lalagyan ng matatanggap kong pera, di ba?)
  • Something sweet: A used, worn-out paperback of your favorite novel. (Dahil die-hard akong naniniwala na libro pa rin ang pinaka romantic na regalo. At oo hindi ko naisip yung sweet as in sweet foods.)
  • Dear Santa I’ve Been Good and I really, really, really want: BOOK MONEY OR BOOK GIFT CERTIFICATES. (Dahil mukha nga talaga akong pera at hindi mo maiintindihan kung gaano ako ka-obsessed sa libro.)

To whomever shall I be partnered with…ayan…MAPRESSURE KA! Lol. Chos lang  itong list na ito. Pero sabi nga ng salawikain, ‘All Chos are half-meant.’ Haha. Pero seryoso, kahit isa lang dyan would already make my Christmas. Thank you in advance! Happy Holidays! 🙂

Mirrors & Closets: A Preview


Here’s a quick look on what my girlfriends and I have been up to lately, in the attempt to emerge from our couch potato-selves for once. We gave the dvds a break around two weeks ago to randomly dress up and take pictures. Hence: this debut fashion portfolio featuring our bohemian vanities taken in the blurry backdrop of rainy midnight streets and lazy-junk afternoons. It’s like picking up from a part of childhood we’d dropped too long ago, with each other as our very own dolls.

So much fun in make-believe, I must say.

Finally: I’m Magical!


I’ve been through such a whirlwind these last few days, and it was only this morning that my soupy brain remembered that it’s the last freaking day of Pottermore early registrations. This is my procrastination as its best. I was hyperventilating with panic and paranoia a few hours ago, that my entire family was puzzled with my bizarre fidgeting all across the house. To cut the story short: I finally got into Pottermore! Whew!

My next nine to Neverland


Forget the voluntary pre-starvation and the post-bliss brokenness; It’s amazing how ironic it feels—I feel the richest when I hoard books until my wallet whimpers a little. It’s a ripe season for sales over at the malls this week and geez ain’t that so perfect that I just recently finished all of the eight books I scavenged on my second haul? They’re all great reads, by the way, and I’ll be blogging about them real soon. This time around, for only Php 495.00, I managed to bring home the next nine books which will keep me awake for the wee hours of the evenings to come.

The mix is eccentric yet very pretty; I’ve got a seemingly-feminist fiction on Contemporary African women; an artsy, Victorian-centered, gothic thriller; a sexy post-modern love story; a melodramatic coming-of-age crime novel; a self-deprecatingly funny memoir; a juvenile autobiography on adolescent writer woes; a rock and roll fairytale; a short story collection featuring novelettes inspired by songs; a poetry folio by a Pulitzer-prize winning poetess.

Come browse through my loot and see why despite the rest of the world’s influx at dress boutiques, department stores and flashy restos, I’d still rather be in one of the most serene and meaningful places in the world—book shops.  Read the rest of this entry