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I am what I bleed (this is a non-emo post )


Obligatory photo of my sickly, bed-ridden self

Fact: We all have our own quirks; I do, and let me be honest here—I have quirks by the tons. It just so happened that some of it has a lot to do with 1.) My hopeless, star-crossed love for cultures and 2.) My hardcore fascination with the occasional overlapping of science and superstition. So I hope you won’t render me shallow when I tell you how much of a mystery it has been for me to live for 20 years without knowing what my freaking blood type is. See, I’m on a phase, really—I’ve gone from Latin America Languages infatuation to European History Geekhood. And for the latter year, I’ve been obsessing about East Asian culture quirks.

For the countries of Japan and Korea, Blood types rank alongside universal socio-cultural factors such as people’s personality, societal statuses, psychological traits and even health diets. Heck, it’s a compatibility meter that channels the same cheesiness of Astrological Signs, here in the Philippine context.

But Gaaaah, was I madly frustrated that I never had the chance to know what my blood type is, and neither of my parents could remember! But hey, guess what? Today I finally did.  Read the rest of this entry


I rob Libraries, not banks


The Loot by Dardenitaaa

Ah, happiness. It feels like I just married a new car and bought myself a new boyfriend. What? I apparently still fail at my metaphors. (Pardon the extreme gushiness that overflows from the prelude of this post, but I just feel so awesome right now I’m afraid I’m on edge of exploding.) A few days ago I finally saved up on extra moolah for another bookstore spree. Being out of college for months now and penniless at that makes this no easy a feat. It also took me longer than the usual to finish all of my previous finds, too. (Swimming through my pile of to-be-read books, though unfailingly stimulating, is time-exhausting just as well.) Then again, it’s an open fact that I do very much willingly starve for books . And after all, we bibliophiles really go hard, don’t we?

I now present to you the loot: 8 intriguing books (2 Thrillers, 4 novels, 1 Autobiographical Memoir and 1 Short Stories Collection) all dolled up with catchy book design covers (always a plus!) and power-packed with praises sung by respected book reviewers—all for only 730.00 php! I am such a cheapskate, yes. Edit: A very dorky, book-savvy cheapskate. Read on and check out my finds!  Read the rest of this entry

Fact: I will starve for Books


The Loot by dardenitaaa

It’s true. Ever since my allowance got cut off after college, I promised myself I’d be saving up as much money as I could for a Bookstore Splurge.  This is why I believe BookSale is such a gift from the heavens–a treasure trove of awesome books at the cheapest prices you could ever imagine. Yesterday, I finally decided to give it a go. And indeed, after about three hours of exploring shelves like mad, I stepped out giddy and victorious with seven promising books. All for only 450php! Check out my finds and drool! Hehe. 🙂

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There’s really nothing new with CHANGES. And yet.


There are times I so easily suscribe to that old cliché of arbitrary changes.

Like in planning or setting a goal for something, most people always align their acts on dates and seasons. Beginnings, as if dictated by some old, unspoken tradition, should always be logically on schedule. We don’t make such long lists of resolutions during the New Year for nothing, don’t we? And yes, the start of 2011 is one of those times where I feel like turning over a new leaf, so to speak,—at least for this blog.

So, although I am still not that confident in absolutely ditching my procrastinator self, or even the occasional nature of this blog, I‘d like to give it a chance: ASSORTED PAPERJAMS will be taking over a revamp of some sorts. I’d like to put things up a notch higher, especially on the frequency department.

Here’s a brief rundown of things I wanna explore this year, hopefully.

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Your seven ambitions as a child (and why you gave up on them)


Remember when you were four years young and wide-eyed?


Remembering Childhood

Remembering Childhood by dardenitaaa

You had little eyes and everything looked little, too. That’s why you only drew your home and the dog house when your kindergarten teacher told you to draw the world. You had little hands but all you take hold of, you own. That’s why you believed you can have everything you wanted, just as long as you stretch your palms nicely enough. You had only known colors and happy songs back then. And yet your horizon that time stretched the farthest it has ever been your entire life. You can be everyone wanted to be, simply because the world allowed you to dream and dream big. Until you woke up one day years later and grew up.

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Old-school maladies


Old School Maladies by dardenitaaa.

February has been yet another whirlwind that my enthusiastic return to blogging honestly waned down a little. I know i already sound like a  broken record to be reiterating such an absolute truth, but I’m saying  it anyway, just because. School work is most often than not unhealthy in so many justifiable ways. I understand the discipline being honed and all, but seriously, something about the intensity of my school workload makes me want to scream bloody murder. The readings make me feel like a  law school student being led on the way to the slaughterhouse that was the Bar exams,  and on our case, it’s the foreign exams service after college.

I don’t want to whine too much, but i don’t want to die of cancer either. So i’m just letting things out, with hopes of inhaling cooler air once i get to breathe in.

Oh don’t you just love ranting?

Why Sweets are essential to eccentrics


“Chocolate is a perfect food, as wholesome as it is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhausted power. It is the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits.”
Baron Justus von Liebig

Blissful Indulgence by dardenitaaa

My college friend Kristine has an extreme affinity for sweets and i told her it’s puzzling me how she never runs out of appetite for sugary stuff.  I really don’t get why she’d rather trade a hearty lunch of Thai Chicken Curry meal for only two bars of chocolate pies or choco chip cookies.

Like everybody else, I adored chocolate since i was a kid. Indeed, how could anyone resist something so universally addictive? But I realized that no matter how big my love for chocolate would be, I’m really no big fan of other forms of sweets. Cake is almost equally appetizing as chocolate, but i don’t crave it as bad.  I only yearn for Ice cream occasionally. And candies, man I don’t like candies at all.

So I guess I’m basically satisfied with the fact that chocolates are my favorite. It’s understandable, anyway. It’s cool how there are all sorts of trivias about it too. For instance,  It’s been psychologically proven that Men crave food that is high in fat and salt while women crave chocolates and food high in sugar content. I’m not really sure how this food preferences say something  about gender personality differences, but I find it very interesting. Also, scientific findings show that Chocolate stimulates the same reaction in the body as falling in love from a natural substance that is in chocolate by the name of phenylethylamine. Apparently, this explains why chocolates are one of the all-time classics on valentine gifts. It’s amazing how our food intakes affects our system in many ways we’re not even aware of.

But oh well. I’m not really that sensitive to food trivias as well. I just find it amusing at the moment how our cravings often stimulates our body desires and thoughts. Mom brought home a box of brownies last night ( See picture above) and though I’m not particularly big on sugary products like I initially mentioned, just seeing it makes you wanna crave it already. And i guess, when life is this good and everything else is mostly stress-free, i can somehow say i partially understamd why enjoying sweets can be extremely blissful, like what my friend Kristine believes.

Clubbing, Late-night parties & seeking you at all the wrong places


Late night hunts by dardenitaaa

They often say that the night is always young. But I’m feeling so old that I always keep on forgetting.

The dim lights are strangely vivid on my memory–how it scatters all across the room, filling every inch of the darkness with its flirtatious, neon colors. It’s odd how superficial everything could get. Bodies sway unevenly in unparallel rhythms of no-brainer music. They didn’t seem to mind the beat anway. I’m so close to believing that everybody is indeed claustrophobic, as the theories would have it. The fear of all these glaring spaces is enough to cling on anyone near the most convenient proximity. I look around me.

The moshpit is eerily jampacked. But the feeling of isolation is haunting  me comfortably.

Time never stands still and so are my feet who kept lagging behind, worn-out.  Sudden drowsiness rang danger alarms all over me.  And I keep asking myself what’s wrong. Apathy could never outrun me, can it? Somehow anxiety still kicks in like a bucket of butterflies inside me. But knowing you’re not coming sooner than i wanted deflates my pocketful of sunshines.

To my future other half: I know, I would never meet you anywhere in this mess.

The Band-Aid theory


“It was that kind of a crazy afternoon, terrifically cold, and no sun out or anything, and you felt like you were disappearing every time you crossed a road.”
The Catcher in the Rye
Holden Caulfield in Chapter 1

I guess I would always come home to writing. I’m nineteen and my life is a messy fusion of embarrassing diaries, supposed-to-be-secret journals and random stock of dusty poetries on old, dog-eared notes of high school books. It was eloquently melancholic, how words consumed me all these years, spiraling into an obsession i could never get away from.

So, uh, welcome to my madness.

Embarrasingly enough, I’ve got to admit I’m somewhat of a wallflower; always standing in the background, rarely a part of things. I’ve seen and heard things and kept them all inside. I just understood. I’ve always looked at life from many lenses– i figured out that the more you see, the more you hurt. Because really, this planet and everything in it just breaks your heart. My life is filled with silences that sometimes screaming feels so sane.

So this is where my thoughts take me, concealing all the crazy anecdotes of a forlorn college girl. I’ve learned that you don’t have to feel everything, because you have the option not to. Life is worth celebrating even when you feel empty frequently.

I hope this is a beginning of another great writing experience. Because you’ll never know when your dream is just a heartbeat away. I have already missed a lot of wonderful chances, but this time I’m stepping forward and letting my faith lead me on.

I used to believed in the charming art of depression and sadness but it took me nowhere. So maybe a pair of sunny glasses won’t hurt this time.